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Purchasing LED Street Lights Must Know These Points

Apr. 02, 2019

Purchasing LED Street Lights Must Know These Points

If the quality is not good, not only the people are not satisfied, street lamp management and maintenance is also a big task, so the street lamp supplied from LED Street Light Supplier requirements of the light rate is one of the key indicators. So at the beginning of the street lamp procurement should grasp the following key links.

Purchasing Link

At the time of procurement, the light failure test report is the first step, which is a very important link. When invite public bidding each company can offer the light of different unit to decline detect a report, some offer oneself company to check oneself, also have a few 3rd party detect, although detect a result is good here detect a report, actual and true light drops great disparity, the reason is everybody knows, so how can ability discerning true article?

The LED Street Light

The test report is first approved by the semiconductor alliance. For example, Beijing electric light source quality supervision and inspection center, Shanghai electric light source quality supervision and inspection center, semiconductor 13 institute, etc., the detection report from these units has the credibility of light failure. The street lamps used for road lighting have high power and generate large heat. If a street lamp can't be turned off in the laboratory, can it still be guaranteed on the road?

Street lamp structure

After the road light failure test, the structure is a big problem. This problem has received little attention in the industry, which is one of the main reasons for the decline of light when street lamps are actually used.

As we all know, the national haze area is so large, it not only does harm to people's body, but also causes a big decline in road lighting, especially in the northern region, sand dust, fog and haze, in the outdoor use of a short period of time, the whole street lamp surface covered with dust, its heat dissipation effect is greatly reduced. This is also one of the main culprits of LED street lamps not being known to the public.

                                                    LED Street LightŽ

According to this kind of circumstance, on lamps and lanterns design must be fluctuation to connect fully. Double increase heat dissipation area, because there is no street lamp management department will clean the radiator on time, in long-term use can only rely on rain washing, increase the area after also leave enough due to pollution causes effective heat dissipation area reduction.

The light source parts

Road lighting failure have barrel effect, also not line, there is a short board droop bothering you for so many years, the problem here is that you do lamps and lanterns of the radiator can solve droop, no, we start to talk about in the past use low-power chips encapsulation shell type, but not a high-power chips, said chip power heat scattered not to go out, not like that, COB packaging quantity of heat more concentrated, through the aluminum or copper stent can completely solve the problem of heat conduction.

But the light decline is more difficult to control, the reason is that the radiator solution is not necessarily able to solve the problem of light source light decline, light source packaging has a big error, COB light source silicone is too thick, should be the thinner the better silicon packaging, easy to chip luminous surface heat dissipation, this is the COB light source light decline is not easy to control the reason.


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