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In-Depth Analysis of Led Street Lights

Feb. 20, 2020

Modular design led street light supplier to share with you: Comprehensive analysis of the market prospects and technical issues of LED street lights can be seen, the factors affecting its application are:

First, the general LED street lights on the market are relatively expensive, which is not conducive to popularization. Although some manufacturers have initially solved the heat dissipation problem of LED street lights, the high prices and heavy lamp heads will still hinder the popularity of LED street lights.

Ordinary LED street light, the oversized lamp head looks particularly bulky

Circulation LED street light, integrated tempered glass, compact overall structure, elegant and beautiful appearance!

Second, the reliability of the modularization of general LED street lights still needs to be strengthened, and LED street lights will also fail due to reasons such as driving circuits.

Third, ordinary LED street lights, whether it is a single-point or multi-point light source, have the problem of difficult heat dissipation. Due to the mature technology and the well-controlled heat dissipation, the led street lamps of Science and Technology have a luminous efficiency of 80lm / w even after 6000 hours of operation. Compared with other high-power LED street lights, the heat dissipation problem is not easy to solve, the light attenuation is large, and the luminous efficiency will drop to 30%. If you want to increase the light efficiency by increasing the voltage and current, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of LED chip damage.

Fourth, the range of ordinary LED street lights is short, so further research on how to work at higher altitudes is needed. In addition, the formulation of national LED road lighting standards is also a very powerful way to popularize and promote LED street lights.

Heat dissipation and reliability are the main factors affecting economical led street light.

There are two methods of LED light sources. One is to use traditional low-power LEDs as a combination. Generally, there are hundreds or even hundreds of them. The power supply design is complicated. The other is to use a high-power tube as the light source. Both methods inevitably take heat dissipation design and working reliability as the main design considerations. They are mostly used in government demonstration projects in China, and there are very few truly market-oriented projects. There are many examples of applications in this area abroad, but The biggest disadvantage is still the reliability, the number of light lumens and the price. Many projects do not show the advantages of long life because of the poor quality of the LED. In addition, from the perspective of cost and market, whether LED is used as a lighting light source or not is used in combination with solar energy, it needs to take a different route in design, and it cannot be completed by developing it as a light source alone.

Multi Purpose Led Street Light

Multi Purpose Led Street Light

LED device products are applied to street lights. The special technical requirements are mainly designed in combination with LED light intensity and light angle. In addition, due to the combination of multiple LEDs, the light emission design must take into account the irradiation area. Sex.

The comparative advantages of LED street lights and ordinary street lights: energy saving, environmental protection, easy to adapt to low voltage, and can also be directly matched with solar energy systems, without the need for additional inverters and conversion processes, to achieve maximum energy utilization.

The application of LED products to street lights requires special design and special standards (test data of traditional light sources to evaluate LED light sources is often not objective).

The inherent advantages of LEDs used in street lights are: first, LEDs are point light sources. If they are properly designed, they can directly solve the secondary light extraction and light loss problems that traditional spherical light sources must rely on light emission. The uniformity of the light irradiation surface can be controlled, which can theoretically be completely uniform in the target area, which can also avoid the waste of light in the phenomenon of "bright under the lamp" of traditional light sources. In the application, it is also an important way to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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