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How To Prevent LED High Bay Light From Being Damaged By Lightning?

Jan. 07, 2019

It is well known that lightning has always been a natural enemy of electrical equipment, and even in the lightning season, the construction efficiency of the team will be effectively reduced. However, the current upgrading of various lightning protection technologies and methods has enabled LED High Bay Light to effectively prevent lightning. But how should we prevent the LED mining lamp from being damaged by lightning?

How to prevent LED High Bay Lights from being damaged by lightning?

1. Set lightning protection zone: This is a direct and relatively early method to prevent lightning damage. At present, for LED industrial and mining lamps, in addition to the power supply equipment, some communication devices will be set up to control the switch and brightness of the street lamps. Both the equipment and the power supply need to be placed in the lightning protection zone, and the protection zone is directly shielded by the outer casing. Since the electromagnetic field here is much weaker, the destructive power for lightning is much smaller.

2, lightning protection equipotential bonding: in order to completely eliminate the damage caused by lightning, the general electrical appliances must use the overvoltage protector for equipotential bonding, and the interface of each inner protective zone of the High Bay LED Lighting should also be connected with local equipotential bonding. That is to say, the local equipotential bonding of the LED high bay light should be connected to each other and then connected to the main equipotential.

3, external lightning protection and internal lightning protection: now the general led mining lamp is used outside the conductor material, which is equivalent to a lightning rod. The internal lightning protection system refers to the internal protection of the LED high-altitude lamp through grounding and voltage protection. The system prevents inductive lightning and other forms of overvoltage intrusion, resulting in power supply damage, which is not guaranteed by external lightning protection systems. The two are complementary and complement each other.

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