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Led Tunnel Lights Advantages And Installation Precautions

Dec. 17, 2019

LED tunnel light supplier will introduce to you: LED Tunnel Light is a kind of Tunnel Light, it is used in tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, stadiums, metallurgy and various factory areas, engineering construction and other places of large area floodlight lighting, the most suitable for urban landscape, billboards, building facade landscaping lighting.

Advantages of LED tunnel lights:

LED is a kind of solid-state semiconductor device, which can directly convert electricity into light. Compared with the traditional road tunnel lighting light source (sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, etc.), LED light source has the following advantages:

(1) low light decay: if the heat dissipation conditions are good, the first 10000h of LED light decay is positive, the first 10000h light decay is 3%-10%, and the first 50000h light decay is basically 30%, which is far lower than the ordinary road lighting source, and the luminescence is more stable.

(2) high color rendering: generally, the color rendering of LED is about 70 ~ 80, but it is higher if the trichromatic phosphor is used;General high pressure sodium lamp for 20 ~ 35, low pressure sodium lamp is lower, so even though the brightness of the traditional light source is higher than LED, but the visual effect is worse than LED, "not the brightest, but see the most clearly" this should be a direction of the application development of LED light source.

(3) service life: the service life of LED is higher than that of ordinary road tunnel lighting source, which is generally higher than 50000H now.

(4) price: although the current price of LED lamp holder is higher than that of traditional lighting fixture, the price is still decreasing greatly with the maturity of manufacturing technology. In addition, LED also has the advantages of high maintenance coefficient, good safety performance, no strobe, energy saving and environmental protection.

LED Tunnel Lights

LED Tunnel Lights


LED tunnel lights has a variety of installation methods, such as ceiling type, boom type, seat type, wall type, etc., which makes the operation easier. Adapt to the needs of different work site lighting. The integrated design of lamps and electrical appliances box, the overall reliability is strong, the failure rate is low, the use and maintenance are more safe and convenient. LED tunnel lights can use intelligent control technology to achieve their own dimming control, energy saving.LED tunnel lighting basic conditions the long tunnel is equipped with lamps according to the one-way driving mode of double holes. Highway tunnel lighting has its own characteristics, it and ordinary road lighting is not the same.The following points need to be considered in design:

1. The road surface should have a certain level of brightness.

2. The tunnel walls shall have a certain level of brightness.

3. Design speed, traffic volume, route alignment and many other influencing factors.

4. Comprehensively determine the lighting level from the aspects of driving safety and comfort.

5. Human visual adaptability, especially at the entrance and exit sections of the tunnel.

6. The tunnel also needs lighting during the day, and the lighting problem is more complicated during the day than at night.

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