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Solar Street Light Installation Method

May. 27, 2020

Solar street lights are becoming more and more popular. We can see solar street lights in rural roads. After all, solar energy is inexhaustible. It can be clean and pollution-free and can be regenerated. Sex and safety, since solar street lights are so popular, how is it composed and how is it installed? The following Split Solar LED Street Light supplier will show you the composition and working principle of the solar street light and the installation and adjustment of the solar module and the installation method of the second pre-embedded series.

1. The composition and working principle of solar street lamp:

Solar Street Light is mainly composed of solar panel components, intelligent controller, battery pack, light source, light pole, and bracket. Solar street lights use solar panels to convert solar radiation into electrical energy during the day, and then store the electrical energy in the battery through an intelligent controller. When the night comes, the intensity of the sun's light gradually decreases. When the intelligent controller detects that the light intensity decreases to a fixed value, it controls the battery to provide power to the light source load, so that the light source will automatically turn on when it is dark. The intelligent controller protects the charging and over-discharging of the battery and controls the turn-on and lighting time of the light source.

2. Solar LED Garden Light installation method and how to install it:

1. Foundation pouring

1). Establish the installation position of street lamps: According to the construction drawings and the geological situation of the survey site, the members of Kaichuang Optoelectronics Construction Team will determine the installation position of street lamps based on the reference value of 40 meters between the street lamps and the place where there is no shade on the top of the street lamps. The installation location of the replacement street lamp.

2). Excavate the foundation pit of the street lamp: Excavate the foundation pit of the street lamp at the installation position of the street lamp. If the soil is 1 meter above the ground, the depth of our excavation will be deepened. And confirm and protect other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.) at the excavation location.

3) Build a battery box in the excavated foundation pit to bury the battery. If the excavated foundation pit is not wide enough, we will continue to dig wide to have enough space to accommodate the battery box.

4). Casting the embedded parts of the street lamp foundation: in the excavated 1 meter deep pit, place the pre-welded embedded parts of Kaichuang Optoelectronics in the pit, and place the steel pipe in the middle of the embedded parts Go to the place where the battery is buried. And keep the embedded parts, foundation and ground on the same level. Then use C20 concrete to cast and fix the embedded parts. During the pouring process, it is continuously stirred and balanced to ensure the compactness and firmness of the entire embedded part.

5) After the construction is completed, the residue on the positioning plate should be cleaned up in time. After the concrete is set (about 4 days, 3 days if the weather is good), the solar street light can be installed.

3. Lifting the pole of solar street light

1) Before lifting the lamp pole, it is necessary to check the fixation of each component, and check whether there is a deviation between the lamp head and the battery board, and make appropriate adjustments.

2) Put the sling on the proper position of the light pole and slowly lift the lamp. Avoid scratching the battery board by the crane wire rope.

3) When the light pole is lifted directly above the foundation, slowly lower the light pole, at the same time rotate the light pole, adjust the lamp head to face the road, and the hole on the flange is aligned with the anchor bolt.

4) After the flange plate falls on the foundation, put flat washers, spring washers and nuts in sequence, and then tighten the nuts evenly with a wrench to fix the lamp post.

5). Remove the lifting rope and check whether the lamp post is tilted and whether the lamp post is adjusted.

4. Solar street light battery and controller installation

1) Put the battery into the battery well, and use thin iron wire to pass the battery wire to the roadbed.

2) Connect the connection cable to the controller according to the technical requirements; first connect the battery, then the load, and then connect the solar panel; pay attention to the connection between each wiring and the wiring marked on the controller, positive and negative during wiring operation The two sexes cannot collide and cannot be reversed; otherwise, the controller will be damaged.

3). Debug the street lamp to work normally; set the mode of the controller, let the street lamp light up, and check if there is any problem. If there is no problem, set the lighting time, then seal the lamp cover.

3. Adjustment and secondary embedding of solar street light components:

1. After the installation of the solar street lamp is completed, check the installation results of the overall street lamp. If the pole is tilted, readjust. In the end, the installed street lights will be neatly arranged overall.

2. Check whether there is any deviation in the sun angle of the battery board. You need to adjust the sun direction of the battery board to the south.

3. Stand in the middle of the road to check whether the lamp arm is skewed and whether the lamp head is proper. If the lamp arm or lamp head is not correct, it needs to be adjusted again.

4. After the installed street lamp part is adjusted neatly and the lamp head of the lamp arm is not skewed, pre-embed the lamp pole base. The base of the light pole is built into small squares with cement to make the solar street light more reliable.

In fact, the installation of solar street lights is not so simple. Before installing, you must first understand its working principle. Since street lights are relatively long and heavy, during the installation process, we will see professional workers install using professional tools. After installation, the solar street light does not mean that it can only be bright when the sun is shining, and it will not work on continuous rainy days. The system of solar street lights can still work normally for 15-20 days of continuous rain. I understand the installation of solar street lights and feel the convenience and comfort that solar street lights bring to us. Please take care of and protect our public equipment and protect our common home.

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