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Talk about the price of solar street lights (Part 2)

Apr. 08, 2020

After knowing the price of the outdoor led solar street light, we can understand what causes this gap and why the price of solar street lights will be much different. Let ’s take a look at the impact of solar street light prices. Factor it!

What are the factors that affect the price of solar street lights?

There are many factors that can affect the price of solar street lights in general, so there are mainly the following points.

1. Manufacturer qualification

Manufacturers' qualifications generally include manufacturers' production equipment, manufacturers' unique technologies, or manufacturers' production experience and sales experience, etc. are all manufacturers' qualifications and are also advantages of the manufacturers, so some manufacturers will price according to these.

2.Different street light materials

Whether it is an LED light or a light pole or a battery, a controller, or a solar panel, the price varies depending on the model and the manufacturer.

3. The height of the street lights is different

Split solar led street light has different prices depending on the height. The materials used at different heights are different, so the price will naturally be different.

Split solar led street light

Split solar led street light

4.Different wattages

When the wattage is different, it means that the number of LED light bulbs or other aspects is different, the seat will cause different brightness, the brighter the more expensive, so wattage is also one of the factors directly affecting the price.

5.Different parts

Solar street light components also have an impact on the price of solar street lights. In fact, the controller is also divided into good and bad. A sufficiently high-quality controller can make solar street lights operate normally in the absence of the sun on a continuous cloudy day. A high-quality controller avoids the disadvantages of solar energy.


The pre-sales and after-sales service also have a certain impact on the price. Regular large manufacturers have complete after-sales service mechanisms. When problems occur, they can be resolved in time or the products can be exchanged. There will also be a certain guarantee in quality.

7. Brand

solar street light manufacturer with a good brand and a lot of influence is also relatively good at ensuring the quality of its products, so its prices are bound to be slightly higher. And the word of mouth is good also because of the product is good, after-sale is good, the service is good, so buy this kind of solar lamp should be at ease a lot, generally speaking, try out life also can be longer, the price that counts down finally is opposite actually not expensive.

So the above factors will affect the price of solar street lights, in the purchase is to pay attention to.




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