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Talk About the Price of Solar Street Lights (Part 1)

Apr. 01, 2020

Solar street light is very common in life, whether it is next to the highway, residential areas, or parks, etc., you can see the figure of solar street lights, whether it is in the city or rural Solar street lights, solar street lights are widely used because they are environmentally friendly and easy to use. Of course, the easy-to-use things are more popular, so everyone wants to know the price of solar street lights. split solar led highway light supplier will talk about the price of solar street lights with everyone, let's take a look below!

Before understanding the price of solar energy, let's take a look at solar street lights, understand what solar street lights are, and what constitutes them.

What is a solar street light?

Outdoor Led Solar Street Light

Outdoor Led Solar Street Light

1. What is a solar street light?

Outdoor LED solar street light is a lamp that uses the sun's light source to be converted into a power source and can emit light. It is a design that uses an efficient lighting source, has high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable work, and does not corrode. Cable, a lighting tool that does not consume conventional energy. Solar energy is used to provide road lighting at night, and it can be installed on-site as long as there is sufficient sunlight. Because it does not pollute the environment, it is called a green product.

2, the composition of solar street lights

Solar street lights are generally composed of solar battery components, batteries, power controllers, light-emitting components (LED lamps), light poles, and screw caps.

The above are solar street lights. The use of solar street lights is mainly because solar street lights have many advantages. Not only are they environmentally friendly and energy saving, they are also very safe, and they have a long service life. use. Therefore, the use of solar street lights is very wide, for the price of solar street lights, let's understand together next!

Second, the price of solar street lights

The prices of solar street lights are different, mainly because of the different solar street lights. Solar street lights are divided into single-arm street lights, dual-arm street lights, courtyard street lights, park street lights, antique street lights, etc. The price of wattage is also different, and the price of street lights is also different, so the price difference is also large. If the height of the light pole is higher, the wattage is larger, and the price will be more expensive. It is necessary to provide specific street lamp requirements to manufacturers before the price can be given an accurate quotation.


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