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Factors Affecting the Lithium Battery Life of Solar Street Lamps

Mar. 27, 2020

Solar street light is a street light that converts the sun's light source into a power source to achieve the lighting effect. In order to allow the solar street light to have continuous power, you can use lighting, so each solar street light is equipped with a lithium battery so that You can store the electricity. When there is no sunlight at night, you can achieve the purpose of lighting, but when you are not using it, there will be many factors that will affect the life of the lithium battery. It will cause damage after a long time. Today solar street light manufacturers came to talk to you about the factors that affect the life of solar street light lithium batteries.

First, the quality of lithium batteries

Solar street light

Now there are many solar street light manufacturers on the market. Although they are all solar street lights, the quality of the products they produce is uneven. Some manufacturers even charge less, and some manufacturers have good quality street lights, but others The quality of the accessories is poor, the controller is not good, or the quality of the lithium battery is poor. If the quality of the lithium battery is poor, it will affect the use. In addition to affecting the use, the service life may be short, so the quality of the lithium battery is It is very important that the quality of the battery is sufficient to ensure sufficient power storage and thus the normal use of solar street lights.

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

Second, the use of solar street lights

Lithium battery solar street light should be installed as far as possible when there is the sun, direct sunlight, or open space. Do not install it near big trees or walls. This is more likely to cause damage. The solar panel of the solar street light cannot absorb sunlight and cannot store electricity. As a result, the lithium battery will be in a state of non-saturation for a long time, or even in a state where no electricity is available. As a result, the street light cannot be powered or is intermittent. The power supply phenomenon will affect the life of solar street lights and the life of lithium batteries, so the installation location is very important.

Third, the lithium battery charge is too saturated

When charging a lithium battery, in addition to worrying about insufficient charging and affecting its service life, you must also worry about overcharging. Excessive charging will also cause damage to the lithium battery, especially the long-term oversaturated charging state is more harmful Because long-term charging is too saturated, it will affect the internal electrochemical of the lithium battery, resulting in excessive power loss, and the long-term charging will cause the battery to run out of the heat, which will cause the lithium battery to bulge or It is a scrapped situation, so the lithium battery should have a control system. After the battery is fully charged, it will stop charging itself, so that the service life will be longer. Fourth, Fourth, we must prevent lithium batteries from over-discharging

The depth of discharge of a lithium battery when in use is closely related to the number of battery charge and discharge cycles (lifetime). Because under severe discharge conditions, the battery can no longer be activated to the state or even scrapped. Different discharge rates have different discharge times and termination voltages, and the effective capacity released is also different, and is affected by the ambient temperature and has different performances. Maintenance personnel should pay attention to it and set it in the monitoring unit strictly according to the relevant data. It must not be changed arbitrarily, so this aspect is also very important, and maintenance personnel should keep in mind.

Five, the faulty battery has not been replaced

During the use of lithium batteries, some individual batteries may fail, which affects the use. In this case, we need to replace the faulty batteries in a timely manner, so that the lithium batteries can work smoothly so that It also protects the service life of the entire battery pack, so when there is a problem with the lithium battery, we can first check the lithium battery to check whether it is completely damaged or individually damaged, and then solve it!

The above is the entire content of the factors that affect the life of solar street lithium batteries. In the process of using solar street lights, if the life of lithium batteries is longer, we should regularly detect solar street lights, troubleshoot, and repair to ensure normal The operation of some of the damaged solar street lights in time, so as to ensure the normal use of street lights and lithium batteries, and even extend the service life.


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