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What Should I Pay Attention to When Wiring Solar Street Lights?

Oct. 14, 2020

Solar Street Light is widely used because of its environmental protection, power-saving and energy-saving features. Nowadays, especially in some remote rural mountainous areas, solar street lights are chosen to be more convenient and energy-saving. At the same time, it can meet everyone's lighting needs. Nowadays, many parks, urban roads, squares, etc. will install solar street lights, which are beautiful and safe. Of course, if solar street lights are convenient and safe to use, installation is very important. Wiring is the most important thing when installing. If there is an error in the wiring, it will cause the solar street light to not work normally, or the phenomenon that it is not bright at night and always bright during the day. In order to avoid these phenomena, we need to pay attention to some matters when installing the wiring, then the solar street light wiring needs attention to what? Let’s take a look at the Solar Street Light Manufacturer!

1. When wiring solar street lights, in order to prevent the power cords of street lights from sagging or pulling and causing the terminals to loosen or fall off, please note that the solar street light components must be sealed with silicone to fix the street light cables on the bracket.

Solar street light

2. At the same time, please pay attention not to touch the battery terminals and safety palladium when wiring the battery. It is strictly forbidden to short-circuit the battery. In order to prevent electric shock from touching the positive and negative electrodes of the battery at the same time, the connection at the bottom of the light pole should be sealed with matching sealing devices or silicone. And pay attention to beauty.

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

3. Also pay attention to connect the negative terminal of the battery to the negative terminal of the controller and wrap it with waterproof tape to prevent problems due to water ingress. And to test, first check whether the idle light of the controller lights up normally, wait for about a minute, the discharge light is on, and the light source will light up when the discharge indicator is on. After the solar street light source is on, connect the negative pole of the battery panel and wrap it with waterproof tape. Within five minutes, the light source will be automatically turned off and the controller will enter the charging state. This is the complete wiring process.

4. Also note that because solar panels are fragile products, heavy objects cannot be placed on them during installation. When installing solar panels, we must be clear about the outlets behind the solar panels, which are generally divided into positive and negative poles. The wiring needs to be paid attention to. Strip the sheath wire, the multi-strand copper wire used in solar street lights. When we use it, we need to tighten it so that the wire cannot be exposed. If it is improperly manipulated, it will cause a short circuit and burn the diode. When the special colloidal battery for solar street lights is fully charged when in use when we are stripping and installing, we should wrap one separately first so that the two positive and negative poles will not touch and ignite due to improper operation.

5. For the wind and solar hybrid controller wiring, first connect the battery, then the battery panel, then the load, and then connect the wind generator to ensure that the positive and negative poles are connected correctly, the system is debugged, and the time control time is adjusted according to the design time.

6. Pay attention to check whether the surface of the solar cell module is damaged or scratched. Before wiring, check the positive and negative signs in detail to ensure that the positive and negative poles are connected correctly. At the same time, you can choose to use a multimeter to verify it to prevent signs such as errors.

7. After the street lamp is connected, we need to pay attention to the solar panel facing the sun, use a multimeter to check the output end of the power line, and judge whether the positive and negative connections are correct and whether the open circuit voltage is within a reasonable range. If the system voltage is 12V, the open-circuit voltage value should be In the range of 18 ~ 23V.

The above is all the content that needs to be paid attention to when wiring lithium battery solar street light. Based on the above content, you really need to pay attention to many things when wiring. If you do not pay attention, it is very likely to cause malfunctions. Or the solar street lamp is abnormal and cannot be used normally, so the above matters must be understood in case of an emergency.


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