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What Are the Requirements for the Use of Solar Street Light Poles?

Sep. 23, 2020

Solar street light is an environmentally friendly street light that absorbs sunlight through solar panels and converts it into electricity. Now it is very common. It is very common in cities and villages. When we use solar street lights, we think that solar panels have lamps and batteries. It’s very important. Yes, it’s really important. But at the same time, you can’t ignore other accessories. In fact, the light pole is also very important when you use it. If you don’t have a good light pole, you can’t support the lamps and solar panels, so you can use it normally. We should pay more attention to light poles, so what are the requirements when using light poles? What kind of light pole is a qualified light pole? Solar Street Light Manufacturer introduces you.

Most of the solar street lights nowadays are still split type, and they need to be assembled later during installation so that they are convenient to use in different environments and can be adjusted reasonably according to their own needs, and the light pole is important for adjustment. One of the parts, some people think that just supporting the light source and the battery board, the light pole has little effect, but in fact, the light pole is a problem whether it is in its height, quality or some details. Be particular.

1. Light pole height requirements

(1) The height of the solar street light pole determines the illuminance of the street light, so if you want to have a good lighting effect, you must not be sloppy when choosing. The height should be determined according to the width of the road, such as the height of the single-sided street light ≥ the road width, The height of the symmetrical street lights on both sides = general road width, and the height of the zigzag street lights on both sides is at least 70% of the road width, so as to bring better lighting effects.

(2) In addition, the traffic flow on the road should also be taken into consideration. For example, it is more appropriate for large trucks to have more light poles. If large trucks do not have so many light poles, they can be shorter. Of course, you don’t need to control the height. It is also dangerous to deviate from the standard and not see clearly the consequences.

What Are the Requirements for the Use of Solar Street Light Poles?Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

2. Material requirements for light poles

(1) The material is also an important criterion for choosing a solar street light pole, because the quality of the material will directly affect the service life of the street light. Nowadays, the more common solar street light is a light pole made of steel. The anti-corrosion performance of this material itself is better, and then some anti-corrosion and decorative processing is done on the surface of the light pole to enhance its performance and achieve the effect of extending the service life.

(2) Nowadays, hot-dip galvanizing or cold-dip galvanizing are generally selected on the light poles. Relatively speaking, the anti-corrosion performance of the hot-dip galvanizing light poles is better, so it is recommended when buying Choose the pole treated in this way.

(3) In addition, some of the solar street lamp covers that are often seen now have stainless steel and anodized lamp poles. These two materials have excellent corrosion resistance, but they are more expensive than steel. As far as light poles are concerned, it is not so friendly, you can choose according to your specific budget.

(4) There are also cement poles, which have a long life and high strength, but they are heavy and inconvenient for transportation. Therefore, most of them are leftover from the previous telephone poles or street lamp poles, which are very suitable for split street lights. It is relatively environmentally friendly to use its surplus-value.

3. The wall thickness requirements of the light pole

(1) In addition to the above two aspects as the focus of consideration, there are also some details that cannot be ignored, such as the wall thickness of the light pole, whether the light pole has sufficient wind resistance, and sufficient load-bearing capacity. It has a great relationship, so the wall thickness of the solar street lamp should be determined according to the specific scene of the solar street lamp installation.

(2) For example, a street lamp of 2~4m must have a wall thickness of at least 2.5cm, a street lamp of 4~9m must have a wall thickness of 4~4.5cm, and a street lamp of 8~15m high must have a wall thickness of at least 6cm, If the area where you are in is perennially windy, the wall thickness value should be larger.

4. Waterproof and anti-theft requirements for light poles

(1) The waterproofing of the light pole is mainly reflected in the manufacturing process of the light pole, especially the interface welding, to see if the welding is smooth and seamless, without small holes, if the joints are not rigorous, it is easier to cause problems If it appears, it will not be waterproof at first, and water entering the pole will cause moisture, rust, and corrosion, which will affect the use.

2) Anti-theft means that it needs to be fixed and strong. The base of the light pole and the connection point of the light pole must be fit, and the screws and nuts must be rigorous to prevent theft.

5. The aesthetic requirements of the light pole

(1) In addition to the above problems, light poles must also ensure that their appearance is beautiful. If the aesthetics are not high, it will affect people's mood and also affect the appearance of the city and village. Therefore, the design of the light pole should be beautiful. In addition, the appearance and size meet the needs of users, the appearance is harmonious, beautiful, and generous, and the color is uniform. The diameter of the steel pipe is reasonable.

(2) It is also necessary to ensure the straightness of the solar street light pole. After the monitoring pole is upright, use a theodolite to check the two-way straightness of the pole. The straightness error is 1.0. Whether the pole is straight is also a criterion for aesthetics. So make sure the pole is straight enough when choosing.

The above is all the contents of the requirements for the use of solar street light poles. In summary, I tell everyone that when purchasing street lights, all kinds of details should be paid attention to, and pay attention to understanding street lights. Light poles and other convenient configuration requirements, so as to bring users a safe and comfortable lighting effect.


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