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Different Types of Solar Lamp Use Environment

Sep. 17, 2020

Solar street light is an energy-saving, green, and environmentally friendly lighting device. It is also a convenient lighting facility for the people in some remote mountainous and rural areas. Now many places choose to use solar street lights. Because of the diversification of the use environment, the current Solar street lights are also diversified, such as single-armed, double-armed, high-pole, low-pole, etc., which can be selected according to the use environment, so what are you paying attention to when choosing street lights according to the environment?? Solar Street Light Manufacturer is here to talk to you about the environment in which solar street lights are used? Let's take a look!

1. Single-arm lamp

(1) This kind of street lamp is very common in our lives. The characteristic of this kind of street lamp is that it has only one arm and one lamp holder. It is usually used on both sides of the road or on the edge of the river to allow passing pedestrians and drivers. Can better understand the road conditions and play a role in inducing the safety situation.

(2) At the same time, this street lamp is also divided into high pole lamp and low pole lamp, and the appropriate height can be selected according to the road conditions.

Double arm street light

2. Double arm lights

(1) As the name implies, it is a solar street lamp with two lamp arms and two lamp caps. This kind of street lamp usually has two forms, one is the arm symmetrical, and the other is asymmetrical. Usually symmetrical double-arm street lamps are used more The green belt in the middle of the sidewalk takes into account the road conditions on both sides and illuminates the passing vehicles to induce safe driving.

(2) Asymmetric double-arm street lights are usually installed between the carriageway and the sidewalk. The lamp arm on the side of the carriageway should be installed higher and the power should be higher, while the sidewalk should be shorter, The power should be smaller.

(3) In addition, solar double-arm street lights are richer in shape than single-arm street lights and can shape the beauty of space, but it should be noted that single road conditions or some narrow roads are not suitable for this kind of street lights. It depends on the environment you need to use.

Lithium Battery LED Garden Light

Lithium Battery LED Garden Light

3. Landscape lights

(1) Landscape lights are very different from other solar street lights. Compared with other types of street lights, landscape lights pay attention to their own artistry. The combination of lighting design and modeling design produces a strong viewing effect.

(2) And the light of the landscape light is not necessarily single in terms of color, it may be colorful, revolving and shining, and enrich the visual effect. The light source usually includes three-color energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, etc., which are usually used in urban bustling streets, leisure and entertainment squares, hotel entrances, parks, etc.

4. Antique lamp

An antique lamp is a kind of street lamp that adds Chinese elements, giving people a simple feeling. This kind of street lamp has better decoration space, and the Chinese style pays attention to symmetry. Therefore, many antique lamps are also designed with two arms, or four-armed or six-armed. Arms, etc., are very decorative and are generally used in ancient architectural theme parks or private houses.

5. Courtyard lights

Lithium Battery LED Garden Light is a special kind of light, because it is generally used in the yard, not on the road or in the park. This kind of light must reach the predetermined level. In addition to the lighting effect, it must also take into account the artistry and appreciation of the lighting. It also has convenient functions, such as mobile phone charging, Bluetooth broadcasting, etc., which are usually used in residential areas, squares, and other places. We should be more common in some squares, and The concealment and aesthetics of this kind of lamp are also strong.

The above is the whole content of the different types of solar street lights used in the environment. In fact, the use of solar street lights needs to consider the use of environmental factors. It must be carefully matched and practical and beautiful so that it can give users or passers-by a comfortable feeling. , So as to enhance the happiness of life, so it is very important to choose the right street lamp for different user environments.


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