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How to Extend the Battery Life of Solar Street Light?

Oct. 21, 2020

Solar street lamp battery is very important for solar street lamps, and it is an indispensable component of solar street lamps because it is the main component for storing electric energy. If there is no electric energy storage, then solar street lamps cannot be lighted on time in the dark night, and they are normally illuminated. Therefore, the maintenance of the battery is very important. The service life of the battery will only be extended if the maintenance is good. So how do we extend the life of the solar street lamp battery? Solar Street Light Manufacturer shares this article for you.

1. Pay attention to prevent overcharging

The life and performance of the solar street light battery are closely related to the heat accumulation inside the battery, and the heat source inside the battery mainly comes from the power loss of the internal electrochemical reaction. You can simply look at the product of the charging voltage and charging current. . In the oxidation reaction, the floating charge current will increase and generate more heat. During constant voltage charging, the floating charge current will increase with the increase in temperature, which will further increase the temperature. The thermal runaway phenomenon is a unique phenomenon caused by the structure of the valve-controlled sealed battery. Thermal runaway often brings serious hazards such as battery loss, shell ‘bulging’, etc. In severe cases, the battery will be scrapped. To prevent overcharging is to provide the charging voltage value strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions. The current combined power supply can be set and realize intelligent management. It should be noted that the first thing to do is to set it correctly, and secondly, it is not allowed to be changed by unauthorized personnel.

3. Pay attention to prevent over-discharge

The depth of discharge is closely related to the number of charges and discharge cycles (service life) of the battery design. For example, when the depth of discharge is 5%, the number of cycles is 10,000, and when the depth of discharge is 50%, the number of cycles is only 800. Severe over-discharge will cause the battery to no longer be activated to a better state, or even scrapped. Different discharge rates have different discharge time and termination voltage, and the effective capacity released is also different, and is affected by the ambient temperature. Therefore, the maintenance personnel should pay attention to it and set it in the monitoring unit strictly according to the relevant data, and should not change it randomly. In addition, maintenance personnel should also pay attention to the reliability of these hardware circuits during inspections, and perform inspection and maintenance.

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

4. Pay attention to control the ambient temperature

When the temperature of the battery rises, the electrolyte activity intensifies and the internal resistance of the battery decreases. The increase of its floating charge current leads to intensified corrosion of conductive components and reduced service life. On the contrary, the electrolyte activity weakens and the internal resistance of the battery increases. The discharge capacity is weakened. Therefore, it is very necessary to monitor the battery temperature of solar street lights and control and maintain the ambient temperature. At the same time, the charging voltage must be temperature-compensated to avoid overcharging at high temperatures and undercharging at low temperatures. In most places where battery packs are used, the ambient temperature is controlled at about 25 degrees. The accelerated life test shows that the ambient temperature is increased by 10 degrees without adjusting the charging voltage. The service life of Lithium Battery Solar Street Light will be reduced by half.

5. Be careful to replace the faulty battery in time

Due to the process difference of each monomer, the long-term floating charge may gradually "lag behind". Therefore, there will be a management function to periodically charge the battery pack in the monitoring unit, in order to activate this backward monomer and prevent it from Be behind again. But often falling behind, it may eventually become a malfunctioning battery. We can use a variety of methods to determine whether it is dying, such as a separate capacity test, or online testing of its internal resistance. The key is to replace the faulty battery in time, which is very important to the availability of the solar street lamp battery pack and the life of the whole group.

The above is the whole content of how to extend the life of a solar street lamp battery. In fact, in addition to the above methods, attention should be paid to the capacity test and discharge test of the battery pack. Only in this way can the normal use of the battery be ensured, and problems can be found and solved in time, thereby ensuring a prolonged service life.


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