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Street lamp manufacturer tells you the detailed parameters of the solar street lamp pole

Jul. 22, 2019

Modular LED Street Light Supplier tells you the detailed parameters of the solar street lamp pole.

Lamp pole lighting manufacturers pay attention to everyone, single arm is the most common mainstream light source for road lighting engineering configuration, it is mainly used for urban road, traffic road lighting and decoration, is a road functional lighting products. The main line is made of high quality steel plate, the structure is simple and easy, the lighting power source and the height and width of the main stem visual road scientific configuration, the light, the light pole can describe the aesthetic feeling of space light from time to time, let the city road night scenery more spectacular!

≥ 100 mm external coating thickness, adhesion reaches the level of gb9286-880, external lubrication: hardness ≥ 2 h, use outdoor weather resistance, polyester pressure plastic powder coating material.

Modular LED Street Light Supplier

Lamppere steel plate cut rolling pressure molding into conical rod, and then stop seamless welding. Cuttlefish appearance is usually used such as bending diameter steel pipe to stop welding + setting upper limit trunk. Of course, the rusting of the lamppost cannot prevent the overall hot dip galvanizing treatment. Anti-rust effect can almost be used to stop the production of galvanized pipe.

The lamp manufacturer informs everyone that the lamp pole is of the same shape, the necessary lubrication of the steel pole welding, the root of the welding seam of the pole body and the accuracy of the standard body should not exceed plus or minus 1 mm. Lamp posts are automatic arc welding method, welding color inspection international GB/t3323-1989111 standard requirements.

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