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What Are the Solar Lamp Lithium Battery Parameters?

May. 06, 2020

There are more and more solar products on the market, and solar street lamps are one of them.So do you know what the parameters are for the lithium battery solar power system?

1. The solar street lamp is composed of solar cell modules, battery, power supply controller, and luminous module.Its reliability and durability, in harsh environmental and climatic conditions, rarely fail; The vast majority of current solar cell assembly production technology is enough to guarantee more than 10 years of performance.

2, with the continuous development of lithium-ion battery industry technology now, more and more products and equipment in the application of the technology of lithium batteries, lithium batteries relative to the system for lead-acid battery with high energy density, charge and discharge completely, no memory effect, no heavy metal pollution, low maintenance cost, long service life, smaller volume, lighter weight, and other characteristics.

3. The main structure of lithium battery is divided into the positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte, diaphragm, and shell. How much voltage does the lithium battery solar street lamp need? This needs to be configured according to different requirements, such as the energy storage size of the lithium battery, street lamp power supply time, etc., to design.

4. The storage performance of lithium battery solar street light is an important parameter to measure the comprehensive performance stability of the Battery.After a certain period of storage, the electrochemical performance of each component inside the battery is stable, and the capacity and internal resistance of the battery correspondingly vary to a certain extent. Moreover, after a certain period of storage, the self-discharge performance of the battery can be understood, so as to ensure the quality of the battery.

5. During the use of lithium battery, do not use metal objects such as wires to connect the positive and negative electrodes of the battery directly by the short circuit; Do not short circuit the positive or negative electrode of the lithium battery with the aluminum layer of the outer packaging of the battery; Do not put the lithium battery in the microwave oven or high-pressure container, in case of explosion; Do not use or place lithium batteries near a heat source (such as water, heater, etc.), and do not heat or throw lithium batteries into water.

Lithium battery solar street lamp is powered by crystal silicon solar cell, maintenance-free valveless sealed battery (colloidal battery) to store electricity, ultra-bright LED lamp as the light source, and intelligent charge and discharge controller control used to replace the traditional public power lighting street lamp.

All In One Solar Highway Light

All In One Solar Highway Light

When choosing an all in one solar highway light, the following considerations should be taken into account: determine how many hours of sunlight a Solar street lamp receives each day; To determine the night lighting time of solar street lamps and the working hours of solar street lamps on rainy days; According to the local road width and people's demand for street lighting at night, the lamp pole height, light source type and power of solar street lamp are determined.For solar street light configuration, the first to understand light coefficient in this area, road width lamp height information, select the brightness of the light pole height and lamp holder to appropriate, use the power of each time period and this region in rainy days, etc with the capacity of the battery fit, select panels power to suit with the capacity of lithium-ion batteries.



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