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LED Street Light PK Ordinary Street Light

Oct. 26, 2019

1. Comparison of electricity costs:

The electricity charge generated by 60W LED street light in one year is only 20% of the electric charge generated by 250W ordinary high-voltage sodium light in one year, which greatly saves the electricity expense.

2. Comparison of laying cost:

The LED street light power is 1/4 of the ordinary high-pressure sodium light. The cross-sectional area required for laying the copper cable only requires 1/3 of the ordinary street lamp, saving a lot of laying costs.

3. Comparison of illumination:

The LED 60W street light can achieve the illumination of the 250W high-pressure sodium light, which greatly reduces the power consumption. Because of its low power consumption, the LED street light can be combined with wind energy and solar energy and used in urban secondary roads.

4. Comparison of use temperature:

Compared with ordinary street lights, LED street lights produce a low temperature in the process of use, continuous use will not produce high temperature, do not burn black light shade.

5. Security performance comparison:

At present, the cold cathode lamp and electrodeless lamp in the market are all X-ray lighting excited by high-pressure point pole, including harmful metals such as mercury, and harmful rays. Compared with them, the LED street lamp belongs to safe low-voltage products, which greatly reduces the potential safety hazards in the process of installation and use.

6. Comparison of environmental performance:

Ordinary street lamps contain harmful metals and contain harmful rays in the spectrum. In contrast, LED street lamps are pure in spectrum, contain no infrared rays and ultraviolet rays, have no radiation, do not produce light pollution, and contain no harmful metals. Wastes can be recycled and used, which are typically green lighting products.

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