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What factors will affect the service life of LED Canopy Light?

Sep. 14, 2019

What factors will affect the service life of LED ceiling lights? Following the LED Canopy Light Supplier would like to share with us.

LED ceiling light is a common kind of light. You will see this light on the road. Do you know the life span of LED ceiling lamp?

About 70% of LED ceiling lamp faults are caused by packaging, so packaging technology is the key technology of Recessed LED Canopy Light. The cause of led packaging failure is very complex. The main sources include three parts:

First of all, the packaging materials are not good, such as epoxy resin, silica gel, phosphor, base, conductive adhesive, solid crystal materials.

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Secondly, packaging structure design is not reasonable, such as material mismatch, stress, crack, open circuit and so on.

Third, improper packaging process, such as loading, pressure welding, dispensing process, curing temperature and time.

In order to improve the reliability of device packaging, first of all, material quality should be strictly controlled in the selection of raw materials. In addition to considering the Modular Design LED Canopy Light efficiency and heat dissipation in the package structure, it is also necessary to consider the heat rise matching problem when combining multiple materials.

During the packaging process, the flow of each process must be strictly controlled, trying to use automation equipment to ensure consistency and repeatability of the process, and to ensure the performance and reliability indicators of LED ceiling lights.

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