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Will Led Street Lights Be Environmental Pollution?

Feb. 27, 2020

180w modular design led supplierreminds you that most street lights are LED street lights. Because LED street lights are different from traditional ordinary street lights, LED street lights are more energy-saving and convenient, and they are different from ordinary street lights and LED street lights. Life is also longer, the most important thing is not to cause environmental pollution. There are many lamps around us that bring us more lighting, and we should know more information in the process of choosing to buy. For example, no matter what kind of lamp, its price is different. LED street lights will be the best choice for energy saving transformation. It consumes less power and has higher light efficiency and long life. Road lighting is the most important part of all our cities. Traditional street lights often use some high-voltage street lights. The biggest disadvantage is the waste of energy, and our global environment is worsening day and night, polluting the air, and all of our countries are developing some clean energy.

180W led street light power supply is starting to suffer from a serious shortage. Energy conservation is the most important issue in our entire world. Therefore, the development of some new high-efficiency energy-saving LED street lights with long life span and relatively high color rendering index and environmental protection has great significance for energy saving in urban lighting. Road lighting is closely related to our lives. With the acceleration of our urbanization process, street lights The choice of power consumption is low, the driving characteristics are better, the response speed is faster, the shock resistance is higher, and the practical life is longer. These advantages of green and environmental protection are not used by us.

LED street light is different from conventional street light in that its light source uses some low-voltage DC power supply, which is highly efficient and safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with long life and fast response. The characteristics of the light are unidirectional and no light diffusion guarantees the efficiency of lighting. Even he has a unique secondary optical design. The lighting of the street light is further improved to the area to be illuminated. The efficiency of the lighting achieves the purpose of saving energy . So many people will choose this LED street light and its price is relatively different. During the purchase process, we should choose a solar street light that suits you.

Advantages of economical LED street light:

At present, lighting consumption accounts for about 20% of the entire power consumption, and greatly reducing lighting electricity consumption is an important way to save energy. LED is attracting the attention of the world with its solid advantages. Countries such as the United States, Japan, and Taiwan have forecasted the benefits of LED lighting. 55% of incandescent and fluorescent lamps in the United States were replaced by LEDs, which could save US $ 35 billion in electricity bills and reduce 755 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Replacing 100% of incandescent lamps with LEDs in Japan can reduce the power generation of 1-2 nuclear power plants and save more than 1 billion liters of crude oil annually. In Taiwan, 25% of incandescent and 100% fluorescent lamps are replaced by LEDs, which can save 11 billion kWh of electricity each year. LED lighting will also form a huge industrial market of $ 50 billion. In recent years, internationally renowned lighting companies such as Philips, Osram, GE, etc. have successively launched LED semiconductor lighting plans, set up national key laboratories, and invested heavily in research and development. Be the first to occupy the forefront of LED lighting. According to data in China, the annual electricity used for lighting is close to 250 billion kWh. If one third of them can use LED lighting, 80 billion kWh of electricity can be saved each year, which is basically equivalent to the annual power generation of a Three Gorges Power Station. Relieving China ’s increasingly severe energy crisis, the power shortage will play a huge positive role. To this end, China has specially established the "National Semiconductor Lighting Commission", issued a national semiconductor lighting project plan, established an LED industrialization base, and promoted the healthy development of China's LED industry. According to the requirements of the "Design Standards for Urban Road Lighting", motor vehicle road lighting should be based on the average brightness of the road surface (or average road illumination), the uniformity of road brightness and longitudinal uniformity (or road illumination uniformity), glare limits, environmental ratios, and Inducibility is the evaluation index.

180w Led Street Light

180w Led Street Light

Outdoor lighting is gradually coming into our lives, and now our lives are beginning to be inseparable from outdoor lighting.

The lamp is a lighting device composed of a combination of a light source, a power source, a lamp cover, and other accessories. It is also a way to control the light source and light projection, and at the same time, it can be a lighting tool that protects the light source and improves lighting efficiency.

Conventional street light lighting fixtures are mainly composed of a lamp housing, a light source cavity, and an electrical room. Because of its sufficient housing space and the sealed installation of activated carbon and foamed silicone rubber for heat dissipation, the working conditions of the light source are guaranteed. The protection level of the light source cavity is IP65, and the protection level of the electrical room is IP45.

As long as the outdoor lighting of conventional street lights is guaranteed, the shape can be made into any shape. The design of conventional road lighting fixtures in China is brilliant, and it really shows the scene of daytime and nighttime lighting.

With the advent of semiconductor LED street lights, the long-life uniqueness of its light source has the advantages of easy and reasonable light distribution, the variability of color temperature, and the high color rendering index. The power supply of low-voltage and current light sources has a development trend of high efficiency and energy saving. .


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