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Correct Installation And Use Of Led Street Lights

Mar. 05, 2020

For the current LED street lights, in order to prevent the LED street lights from having problems with the line connection, the wiring of the street lights must be completed to complete the line connection between the power cord and the junction box, the light pole, and the solar battery module. The connection terminal of the street light power cord is loosened or detached at the connection point of the LED street light component due to long-term sag or pull, and the street light connection line must be fixed on the bracket with a silicone seal.

First, do the wiring sequence of the LED street light components to avoid the short circuit caused by the reverse connection of the positive and negative electrodes. When connecting the battery, pay special attention not to touch the battery terminals and safety palladium. It is strictly forbidden to short-circuit the battery. The positive and negative electrodes cannot be in contact at the same time.

Second, because the wiring at the bottom of Class II Modular LED Street Light should be matched with a sealing device or silicone seal, and it should be beautiful. Therefore, the wiring precautions of LED street lights should be done well so To ensure the good work of LED street lights, although the proportion of leads in the total cost of the lamp is very low, users can find the difference between ordinary manufacturers and small workshops.

Second, because the wiring at the bottom of class ii modular led street light should be matched with a sealing device or silicone seal, and it should be beautiful. Therefore, the wiring precautions of LED street lights should be done well so that only Ensure the good working of LED street lights.

Correct Installation And Use Of Led Street Lights

Class II Modular Led Street Light

CB certified led street light supplier uses high-quality copper core wire of appropriate thickness as the lead, and some lighting street lamp factories use aluminum core wire instead of copper wire to save costs and even discount the lead The thickness of this will seriously affect the conductivity, which will adversely affect the efficiency of the lamp.

Although ordinary users cannot judge professional issues such as the luminous efficiency of LED street lamps through professional tools and methods, by observing the matching bolts of the lamp, one can know from the side whether the lamp manufacturer is professional, and its good lamp bolts must be completely It complies with the standards. In addition, the internal thread teeth of the lamp cooperate well with the bolts, so there will be no loosening during use.

Analysis of lightning protection measures for led street lights:

The necessity of lightning protection for economical led road light

Lightning strikes are electrostatic discharges that typically carry millions of volts from a cloud to the ground or another cloud. During transmission, lightning creates an electromagnetic field in the air, generates thousands of volts (ie, surges) on power lines, and generates induced currents hundreds of miles away. These indirect attacks usually occur on exposed electrical wires, such as street lights. Surges from traffic lights and base stations. The surge protection module directly faces the surge interference from the power line at the front of the circuit. It transmits or absorbs surge energy to minimize the threat of surges to other working circuits, such as AC / DC power units in LED lighting equipment.

1. For LED street lights, lightning generates induced surges on the power line. This surge of energy creates a shock wave on the wire, that is, a shock wave. Surges are transmitted through this induction. The outside world is proliferating. This wave will produce a tip on a sine wave on a 220 volt transmission line. When the tip enters the street light, it will damage the LED street light circuit.

Therefore, the lightning protection of LED street lights will be beneficial to its service life, which is currently required.

Lightning protection measures for LED street lights

LED street lights require a small supply voltage. Generally, power is used to convert AC power to DC power. This makes the LED street lights themselves without lightning protection. Therefore, to solve the problem of lightning protection of LED street lights, it is necessary to add a lightning protection module of street lights, which can effectively help the lightning protection of LED street lights.


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