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LED Tunnel Light energy saving project renovation solution

Apr. 23, 2019

LED Tunnel Light energy saving project renovation solution

LED Tunnel Light Manufacturer shares that with the continuous development of modern transportation, tunnel, as a human mode of transportation, occupies a very important position in the modern urban transportation system. As a semi-closed underground structure, its special structure prevents direct sunlight, so it needs lighting even during the day. Once it is put into use, its lighting system is always in working state.

The tunnel lighting system adopts double-row symmetrical lamps, and according to the brightness requirements of different sections of the tunnel, the spacing of lighting fixtures is reasonably designed: the spacing of lamps in the entrance section is 1m, the spacing of lamps in the transition section is 3m and 6m, the spacing of lamps in the middle section is 12m, and the lighting in the exit section is 6m. On the one hand, it effectively eliminates the "black hole" effect when the driver enters the tunnel and the "white hole" effect when the driver exits the tunnel, so as to ensure traffic safety. On the other hand, improved the utilization rate of lighting electric energy and comprehensive benefits, economic energy saving.

After the completion of the tunnel energy-saving lighting project, the light inside the tunnel is comfortable and bright, and the overall environment has a good light distribution and uniformity: in line with the highway tunnel lighting design standards. Compared with the traditional tunnel light (metal halide light), it can bring more than 50% energy saving, effectively realize the green energy saving, and lay a reliable lighting guarantee for the safe and smooth operation of the tunnel.

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