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Ten advantages of LED lights(part 2)

Apr. 20, 2019

4. Protect your eyes

Garage Suspended LED High Bay Light Manufacturer shares that conventional fluorescent lamps use an alternating current, so they produce between 100 and 120 strobes per second. LED lamp adopts LED constant current working, which is to convert alternating current into direct current, effectively reduce LED light failure, start fast, no flicker, protect eyes.

5. No mosquito trouble

LED tube will not produce ultraviolet, infrared and other radiation, does not contain mercury and other harmful substances, fevers less. Because this won't resemble traditional lamps and lanterns so, have more mosquito to surround in lamp source. The room will become more clean and tidy.

6. Wide voltage range

Conventional fluorescent lamps are lit by a high voltage released by a rectifier, but not when the voltage is lowered. And LED lamps can be lit within a certain range of voltage

7. Long power-saving life

The power consumption of LED lamp tube is the 1/3 following of traditional fluorescent lamp, life also is 10 times of traditional fluorescent lamp, with traditional fluorescent lamp brightness basically consistent, normal service life is above 30 thousand hours, economize on electricity to be as high as 70% above, can use for a long time and need not change, reduce artificial to spend, suit the occasion that replaces hard more.

8. Strong and reliable

The LED body itself is made of epoxy resin instead of traditional glass, which is more solid and reliable. Even if it is hit on the floor, the LED will not be deformed or damaged, so it can be used safely.

9. Good versatility

LED tube appearance, size and traditional fluorescent lamp, can replace traditional lamps.

10. Color rich

Make full use of LED color rich wind production of a variety of light colors.

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