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The reason and solution of the LED street light still light after power failure(part 1)

Apr. 26, 2019

LED street lamps supplied by LED Street Light Supplier cannot be completely turned off after power failure. There is still afterglow on the lamps after the switch is disconnected, which cannot be completely turned off. This situation is likely to make customers think that the lamps have quality problems, thus affecting the acceptance of products. The following will analyze this phenomenon from several aspects, so that colleagues can explain and solve problems with customers.

The main reason for the luminescence after the lamp is turned off is that the lamp is live after the lamp is turned off. LED chip is particularly sensitive to the current. Even if a wire does not form a current loop, there will still be a small amount of light emitted in a variety of complex induction states. There are the following situations:

1. The switch controls the zero wire and the live wire enters the lamp directly (the same is true for other LED lamps).

This is the most common cause of luminescence. After the zero line is switched on and the light is turned off, it only cuts off the power circuit of the LED lamp. The live wire is still connected to the lamp, and the lamp will emit light.

Solution: reconnect the circuit and let the switch control the live wire.

LED Street Light

2. Switch with indicator light or electronic switch (the same is true for other series of LED lamps)

Many switches have an indicator light inside. If the indicator light is powered on when the light is off, an electric current will flow through the lamp.

Some lamps use electronic light switches, such as infrared switches, voice-activated switches, and remote-controlled switches. These switches do not cut the circuit completely. Also can cause lamps and lanterns to give off light after turning off the light.

Solution: remove the switch indicator light or replace the mechanical switch.

3. Wrong wiring mode of dual-control switch (the same is true for other series of LED lamps)

There are many ways to connect a double switch. If the electrician USES the following wiring method, it will turn off the light and give off a little light.

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