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Why Do LED Lamps Break Down Easily In Summer?

Mar. 26, 2019

I don't know if you have found that no matter it is LED bulb, LED ceiling lamp, LED desk lamp, LED projection light, LED industrial and mining light ,Warehouse Suspended LED High Bay Light and so on, it is easier to break down in summer than in winter. Why?

The answer is one: the heat dissipation of the lamp is not good, the temperature in summer is relatively high, the LED light will give off heat, the lamp is burned out.

So what causes it?

1. The heat conducting material of lamps and lanterns is not enough, for example, the existing inferior light bulb is all plastic, and there is no radiator for heat dissipation, so the heat from the light source cannot guide it out, so why is it not bad?

2. The heat dissipation design of Building Suspended LED High Bay Light and lanterns is unreasonable. Many lamps and lanterns have no heat dissipation design at all.

3. The installation environment is not reasonable. The installation of LED lamps requires a certain space for heat dissipation. For this reason, only the user should pay attention.

To sum up, LED lamps are easy to break down in summer. The main problem is the quality and use of LED lamps. Attention should be paid to the selection and use of LED lamps.

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