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Which Components of Solar Street Lights Are Prone to Failure?

Nov. 04, 2020

Solar street lights are now widely used. Solar street lights are used in both villages and cities, because solar street lights do not need to waste electrical energy, and they do not need special care. They can also be regularly lit before night. Brighten people’s way home at night, and bring them some light and warmth. In general, solar street lights are really helpful to people’s lives. Although it will malfunction during use, We can't deny its role and benefits, so what should we do when it fails? What failures are easier for solar street lights? Today, the 50W Split Solar Street Light supplier is here to talk to you about which components of solar street lights are prone to failure? Let's take a look!

1. LED light failure

First of all, the LED light source of solar street light is relatively easy to be damaged. This will account for 25% of the failure of the solar street light because the LED light source is the main luminous and heat-generating electrical loss component in the entire solar street light system, so whether it is natural The expiration of service life or man-made damage will cause the LED light source to fail to work normally. These will cause the solar street light to fail to light up, flicker, etc. In such a situation, we found that the LED light source is indeed faulty or damaged after checking to Replace the LED light source directly.

2. The circuit failure of Solar Street Light

Secondly, the reason why solar street lights can’t work normally may be a short circuit or aging of solar street lights. This proportion accounts for 10%. If it is aging or short circuit or open circuit, solar street lights will not work normally and LEDs will not light up. Or flickering. In such a situation, we only need to replace the aging circuit or connect the short-circuited or broken wire.

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

3. Controller failure

There is also hardware damage to the controller of the solar street light, which will also cause the solar street light to fail to light up normally. This problem will account for 10% of the failure of solar street light. Such a failure will cause the LED street light to turn on for a while. It will not light up, sometimes the light is not on for enough time or the light is on during the day and night, or the light is on for a long time. The controller is equivalent to the brain of the solar street light. This performance is the feeling of neurological disorder. At this time, our quicker solution is to Replace the controller of the solar street light.

4. Solar panel failure

Another problem is that the solar street light battery panel is damaged. This situation is not very common and probably accounts for 5%. Such a fault may easily cause solar street light or the system to fail to work, even if the solar street light can work normally. Ensure enough lighting time. If we can’t judge the solar street light with naked eyes, we can pull out the wires of the solar panel and test the voltage of the solar panel directly with a multimeter. If the voltage is lower than 12V, the solar panel is damaged and cannot work normally. Replace the solar panel. The battery board can be used normally.

The above is the whole content of which components of solar street lights are prone to failure. In fact, the components that are more prone to failure are the above, because these are relatively high in use and more harmful, so they are compared in the process of use. Easy to get hurt. Therefore, we must pay more attention and timely maintenance during the use process to ensure normal use.


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