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[Led light supplier]Luminous intensity of the LED lights

Jun. 18, 2019

Luminous intensity of the LED lights

Solar Street Light Supplier China shares that Luminous intensity referred to as light intensity, the international unit is candela (candela) short for CD, other units have candlelight, support light. 1cd, or 1000mcd, refers to the light emitted by a monochromatic source (frequency 540X10^12HZ) at a unit solid Angle in a given direction (radiation intensity in this direction is (1/683) watt/sphericity).

You can use kirchhoff's integral theorem.

From the nature of light, light is regarded as electromagnetic field, and the light intensity at a certain point in the light field refers to the average energy flow density through the point.

Sphericity is a solid Angle whose fixed point is located at the center of the sphere, and the area it intercepts on the sphere is equal to the square area with the radius of the sphere as the side length.

Solar Street Light Supplier China

Light radiation is uniform, the light intensity for I = F/Ω, Ω for solid Angle, unit for steradian (sr), F as the luminous flux, unit is the lumen, for point source I = F/PI (4).

Luminous intensity is for the point source, or the size of the luminous body and the irradiation distance is relatively small occasions.

This quantity indicates the ability of the emitter to converge in space. In other words, luminous intensity describes how bright a light source is. 1000 MCD = 1 CD

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