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[Solar Street Light supplier]What is the luminance?

Jun. 14, 2019

Luminance shared by the China Solar Street Light Supplier.

Illumination, commonly known as lux, represents the amount of light flux per unit area of the surface of the subject. 1 lux is equivalent to 1 lumen per square meter, i.e., the vertical luminous flux of a light source with a distance of one meter and luminous intensity of 1 candle per square meter of the subject. Illumination is an important index to measure the shooting environment.

Average illumination calculated by indoor lighting coefficient method:

In the calculation of illumination, if we know the coefficient "CU", we can use an empirical formula to calculate quickly and calculate the average illumination value we want for the indoor working surface. We usually call this calculation method "using the coefficient method to find the average illumination", also known as the lumen coefficient method.

Illuminance computation has rough computation and accurate computation 2 kinds.

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Use cases

For example, suppose that the overall illumination should be at 100 lux (lx) as in a house, while even 90 lux (lx) does not have a significant impact on life. But when it comes to road lighting, things are different. Assume that road illumination must be 20 lux (lx). If it is 18 lux (lx), it is likely to cause frequent traffic accidents.

The same is true for a store. For example, the overall best illumination for a store is 500 lux (lx), since 600 lux (lx) is used. As a result, the number and power of lighting fixtures will increase, with economic consequences.

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