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What Are The Characteristics Of LED Tunnel Lights?

Feb. 09, 2019

In some long tunnels, LED Tunnel Lights have some applications due to their high color rendering and linear illumination for better visual inductivity. The effect of eliminating the electrode factor by LED tunnel lights is longer than that of traditional fluorescent lamps. Lifetime can also achieve greater power, which makes LED tunnel lights an advantage in tunnel lighting applications. Here are some details about the characteristics of LED tunnel lights?

1. Applicable to regional lighting with poor environment

Although the large-scale application of LED tunnel lights still has many difficulties and challenges, such as the incomplete standards of led lighting products and the negative impact of some inferior products on marketing, the price of dust-proof LED tunnel lights makes the purchase cost higher. This puts pressure on the large-scale market application of LED tunnel lighting products, but these pressures are inevitable for the promotion and application of any new technology and new products. However, with the further development of high-power white LED technology, tunnel lighting thermoelectric system technology has matured, and people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection will further enhance LED technology to create a new future for semiconductor lighting industry in tunnel lighting applications.

2. Strong anti-collision and impact ability

IP66 LED Tunnel Light has high shell selection strength, alloy environmentally friendly material has good toughness, and transparent parts are used to strengthen tempered glass, dustproof, waterproof, corrosion and rust proof. LED tunnel light has strong anti-collision and impact capability, multi-channel anti-vibration structure and high-tech surface spraying treatment. Various near-high-intensity high-frequency vibrations can not affect the lamps, and can be vibrated and wet on the workshop, rails and other high-frequency. Long-term stable operation in a high-temperature environment, good electromagnetic compatibility will not cause interference to the transmission network.

All in all, the characteristics of LED tunnel lights are the area lighting that is suitable for poor environment. Secondly, the waterproof LED tunnel light has strong anti-collision and impact capability, and then its lighting is controllable to save energy.

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