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How to choose a high-quality LED solar street lamp manufacturer?

Aug. 07, 2019

How to choose a high-quality LED solar street lamp manufacturer?

When we buy LED solar street lamps, we should ask more questions and check more. How to buy high-quality solar street lamps requires the following knowledge:

(1) weather effect

In order to ensure the practicability of solar street lamps, we need to distinguish the environment of users when purchasing them. If the weather is mainly cloudy, the original excellent solar radiation absorption capacity of solar street lamps will be a little too small. In case of continuous rainy weather, it is necessary to consider whether the supporting time of solar street lamp will affect the lighting state.

LED solar street lamps

(2) lighting environment

In fact, solar street lamps buy from LED Street Light Supplier are divided into many types, such as road conditions, road width and frequency of vehicles passing in the lighting environment, which should be taken into account. Only in this way, can we ensure that solar street lamps can better play the expected application effect in the use process.

(3) street lamp quality

In addition to the above two factors to be taken into account, the quality of street lamp products also need our attention. As far as quality is concerned, street lamp itself is composed of many components. Therefore, we need to make a comprehensive observation on street lamp when using it. If the quality of street lamp itself is defective, it will have certain influence on it in the actual use.


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