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How does the LED street light work?

Aug. 02, 2019

Following shared by Solar LED street lamps supplier.

Solar street lamps system working principle, the use of photoproduction FuShu effect principle of solar cells, solar panels during the day to receive solar radiation and translated into electricity output, through the stored in the storage battery charging and discharging controller, the night when the intensity of illumination is gradually reduced to about 10 lux, solar panels around the open circuit voltage of 4.5 V, charge and discharge controller detects the voltage value of the action, the battery to discharge lamp holder. After 8.5 hours of battery discharge, the charging and discharging controller ACTS, and the battery discharge ends. The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery.

LED solar street lamp principle - characteristics

1) energy saving: solar photovoltaic conversion to provide electricity, inexhaustible.

2) environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation.

3) safety: no electric shock, fire and other accidents.

4) convenience: the installation is simple, and there is no need for laying lines or "cutting belly" digging construction, and there is no power failure or power restriction concern.

5) long life: high technology content, control system, accessories are international brands, intelligent design, reliable quality.

Solar LED street lamps supplier

6) high grade: scientific and technological products, green energy, users face the science and technology, green image progress, grade promotion.

7) less investment: the one-time investment is equivalent to the alternating current (the total investment of alternating current includes power transformation, power supply, control box, cable, engineering, etc., and the one-time investment can be used for a long time.

The working principle of LED solar street lamp -- summary

The popularity of solar energy can be as quickly, because it is compared with ordinary lamp, do have a lot cannot compared strengths. First of all, he doesn't have to ditch buried lines, the relatively small quantities, as long as a cement base on installation, with stainless steel screws on. Also, due to the LED solar street light without electricity, as long as an input, have no capital to maintain, general will pay back your investment in two or three years, get benefits. Third, LED solar street light relative to the conventional lights, security is stronger, because he is very low products, so safe. Moreover, the major parts of LED solar street light Solar panels have a long service life, usually around 25 years, so the benefits are relatively large.

Is most important, because the LED solar street light is green products, will not cause harm to the environment, has become a noble ecological village to promote a new selling point, Hong Kong lighting electrical appliance factory professional produce LED solar street light, solar light high lamp, road lights, landscape lights, LED street light, landscape lamp, road lights, courtyard lamp, lawn lamp, project-light lamp, buried lights, pole lamp, gantry, traffic signal lights, lamps and lanterns of patent, monitoring pole, indoor lighting high lamp, road lamp, lamp posts, landscape lamp arms, single arm lamp, lamp, etc. High quality, good service and high efficiency.


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