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The introduction of solar street light

Nov. 04, 2019

The solar street light is powered by crystalline silicon solar cell, and the maintenance free valve controlled sealed battery (gel battery) stores the electric energy. The super bright LED lamp is used as the light source and controlled by the intelligent charge and discharge controller, which is used to replace the traditional public electric lighting street lamp. No cable laying, no AC power supply, no electricity charge; DC power supply, photosensitive control; good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy conservation and environmental protection, economic and practical advantages. It can be widely used in urban main and secondary roads, communities, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places. 

The introduction of solar street light

There are many ways to classify solar street lamps: specification classification, parameter classification, system classification and battery type classification. According to the height of solar street lamp, the specifications are divided into: 6m solar street lamp, 7m solar street lamp, 8m solar street lamp, 10m solar street lamp, 12m solar street lamp, etc. Parameter classification is mainly based on the solar panel and battery capacity of light source: 30W LED solar street lamp, 40W LED solar street lamp, 80W solar street lamp, 100Ah solar street lamp, etc. The system classification is mainly divided into 12V system, 24V system, 36V system and 48V system according to the working voltage of the solar street lamp circuit system. According to the type of battery, it can be divided into: lead battery solar street lamp and lithium battery solar street lamp. In addition, there are 50W Split Solar Street Light and 60W Split Solar Street Light

Solar street lamp system can guarantee normal operation in rainy weather for more than 8-15 days! Its system consists of (including bracket), LED lamp head, solar lamp controller, battery (including battery incubator) and lamp pole.

Working principle of solar street lamp: under the control of intelligent controller, solar energy street lamp absorbs solar energy and converts it into electric energy after being illuminated by sun light in the daytime. Solar cell module charges battery pack in the daytime, and battery pack provides power to LED light source in the evening to realize lighting function. The DC controller can ensure that the battery is not damaged due to overcharge or overdischarge, and has the functions of light control, time control, temperature compensation, lightning protection, reverse polarity protection, etc.

During the installation of solar street lamp, it is not necessary to set up complicated lines, but only to make a cement base and a battery pit, which can be fixed by galvanized bolts.

 The introduction of solar street light


There are complicated operation procedures in the construction of circuit lamp in the province. First of all, a large number of civil works such as auxiliary cables, trenching and pipe laying, threading in pipes, backfilling, etc., consume a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. Finally, we need to debug, once there is a problem, it will cause a lot of consumption


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