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How Does the Solar Street Light Controller Control the Switch?

Jun. 17, 2020

Solar Street Light can be seen no matter whether it is rural or urban, whether it is on the roadside or in the park because there is no need to use electrical energy, no control switch, as long as there is sunlight, there is no need to worry about it will not shine It is the use of solar street lights that also illuminates many people's way home, allowing this light to bring light to those who return late, driving away darkness and fear. When using solar street lights, we will also find that when it is dark at night, it turns on, and it turns off during the day. What is going on? How is the solar controller controlled? Today, all in one solar highway light supplier will talk to you about how the solar street light controller controls the switch? Let's take a look below!

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

Method for controlling switch of solar street lamp controller:

1. Timing control method

(1) The solar street lighting system is composed of key modules such as solar panels, batteries, and controllers. Among them, the controller plays a relevant role in voltage detection, battery charge and discharge management, street lights on and off, and so on.

(2) Both the turn-on time and turn-off time of the street lamp can be set. The turn-on time is late in summer and early in winter. The turn-on time and turn-off time can be set. This method is a general control method, and managers only need to modify the time in the control room according to regulations.

(3) In addition, the timing control mode is the mainstream control mode, which can accurately control the turning on and off of street lights and can be flexibly set according to the weather conditions.

2. Automatic control method

(1) The automatic steel control method is also called the light source control method, which is realized by the photoresistor or by detecting the voltage of the battery board. A photoresistor is a kind of special resistance. Its resistance value is closely related to the light intensity. The stronger the light, the smaller the resistance, and the weaker the light. The greater the resistance, the photoresistor, comparator, transistor, and other components can realize the light control circuit. . It can achieve the effect of turning off the light when the light is strong and turning on the light when the light is weak.

(2) In addition, the output power of the solar panel is greater when the light intensity is strong, and the output power is small when the light is weak, and thus automatic lighting control can also be achieved. The use of automatic mode greatly reduces the intervention of the staff, but it cannot be flexibly controlled according to the actual situation, and the street lights may be turned on too early or too late.

3. Human pyroelectric detection and control method

The control method of human pyroelectric detection can also realize switch control. This switch will also detect the intensity of ambient light. It will not control the light during the day. It will only be turned on when there is insufficient light and when someone passes by. The delay will go out. It is similar to the principle of a voice-activated light, but it does not require sound. Controlled, as long as a human body detects heat, it will turn on. This control method is more power-saving.

The current solar street lamp automatic control method and timing control method is that most solar street lamp controllers are equipped with settings, which can be achieved by parameter setting. If the controller itself does not have the function of timing switch control, The timing switch control can be realized by adding a timing controller. There are many kinds of timing switches, which can be realized by simple use. The human body pyroelectric monitoring control method is not widely used, so it is less on the market.

However, no matter which control method is used, it can be used for lighting and is convenient. It is also more environmentally friendly and not wasteful.


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