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What Should Be Paid Attention to Before the Installation of Solar Street Lights?

Apr. 22, 2020

Lithium battery solar street light is a kind of street lamp that uses sunlight to be converted into a power source so that it shines through the light bulb. The use of solar street lamps also facilitates people's lives, without worrying about wasting electricity or using Worrying about the switch problem, so many places are now using solar street lights, whether it is single-arm street lights, dual-arm street lights or street lights are very popular. If solar street lights can be used, they need to be installed. Only the installation is in place. Then it will be more convenient and safe when it is used, but there are many problems with the installation. Today, Solar street light manufacturers will introduce you to the preparation work before installing solar street lights.

Preparation before installation of solar street lights:

1. When there is a need to install solar street lamps, we need to fully understand the characteristics of solar street lamps, light sources, and poles, and then separate investment budgets from road practices and referenced lighting specifications, and choose solar lamps, light sources, and poles reasonably In order to give full play to the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving of the light source, the light distribution of the solar lamps, and the advantages of the combination of accessories, choose the appropriate lamp after understanding.

2. Before installing solar street lights, we must first inspect the installation site, to ensure that the solar street lights have sufficient light after installation, and pay attention to properly increase the spacing of solar street light fixtures, to save the number of lamps, and to properly improve solar street lights Light pole height to improve lighting effects.

3. Separate the road works, timely and early intervention in pole position selection, foundation construction, and pre-embedment, in order to discover problems in a timely manner, reasonably change the Gua, ensure quality, and save investment.

Outdoor Led Solar Street Light

Outdoor Led Solar Street Light 

4. According to the practice and geological conditions of the solar street lamp engineering site, design and manufacture the base of the solar street lamp pole and the base of the high pole lamp to ensure that the base is strong and reliable. In particular, pay attention to the matching of the embedded bolts and the reserved holes of the rod seat, accurate positioning, reasonable embedded length, and external length, and the thread should be properly maintained to facilitate positioning when hoisting.

5. If the environmental terrain of installing solar street lights is relatively poor, such as: in rock formations, weathered stone sections, scattered grounding and section grounding, etc., it is difficult to reach the request in this case. At this time, we must think about the galvanizing according to the design request Conductors such as flat steel are connected over a long length, and the connection must be firm. At the same time, appropriate protective measures should be taken, and they should be firmly connected to the embedded foundation to ensure that each lamp pole is firmly connected to the ground. Among the solar street lamps, the street lamps are scattered and mainly rely on the grounding of the foundation. If necessary, use a resistance reducing agent to reduce the grounding resistance, so as to ensure the safe work after installation.

6. Hoisting equipment is required before installation, and hoisting operations must strictly abide by the operating regulations. Special attention should be paid to the power grid lines and other lines around the hoisting equipment, as well as the surrounding structures. The hoisting points should be reasonable during hoisting and adjusted in time after positioning to facilitate the installation of solar street lights.

7. In addition, pay attention to the beauty of the solar street lamp post after installation before installation. From the beginning of the foundation construction, the light position is controlled according to the mainline, and the linearity is reasonably changed according to the road design. The light pole is straight. The welding seam and the maintenance port should avoid the mainline direction. The inclination of the pole cantilever must adhere to the harmony of the direction and angle so that the installed solar street lamp is more beautiful.

8. The outdoor LED solar street light internal fittings should be inserted tightly and firmly to prevent the wind swing from loosening and poor contact to form defects. The solar street light fixture and the light pole, the light pole and the cantilever are fixed firmly. In solar street lamps, each pole of the high pole lamp must be set in place, the lifting frame and the lamp should be firmly fixed, the lifting system must be safe, and the functions of lifting, limiting, positioning and so on must be complete.

Solar street light

9. In addition to these, we also need to prepare installation tools for solar street lights, whether it is shovel or screws, as well as wrenches, safety ropes, etc., all need to be prepared, so that it is more convenient when installing.

10. In addition to the preparation of tools and street lights, we also need to prepare the personnel. Generally, multiple people are required for installation, so that the installation can be smoother, so the installer should choose the professional installation of solar street lights. Experience, in addition, the installation personnel must also be equipped with safety protective equipment, hard hats and gloves are essential.

The above is the whole content of the preparation work before the installation of solar street lights. In addition to these, we also need to do a good job of cleaning up the installation site of solar street lights to ensure that the ground is flat and clean without trees so that there can be enough sunlight for lighting Use, in addition, we must pay attention to waterproof work to prevent the solar street light from being wetted by rain after use, causing a short circuit and open circuit phenomenon.


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