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Solar Led Street Lamp Common Fault Repair (Part 1)

Jul. 01, 2020

Outdoor LED Solar Street Light is a kind of new energy street lamp, easy to install, widely used in urban road lighting, community road lighting, courtyard road lighting, park lighting, and other fields. In the process of using solar LED street lights, the solar LED street light system will not be able to use the solar street lights normally due to fault conditions. Today, the Solar Street Light Manufacturer will summarize some common faults and maintenance methods of solar street lights. Help everyone better do the daily maintenance of solar LED street lights.

1. Common solar LED street lamp failure

1. The failure of the LED street light is not on   

The problem of LED street lights not turning on is really worrying. How should we solve this problem? First, we have to check the circuit first, because many times the LED street lights are off, there may be a circuit failure. If there is no problem with the circuit after checking, it should be the problem of the driver.   

The driver controls the current and voltage. If the current or voltage is too large or too small, the street light cannot be normally illuminated. If it is detected as a problem with the driver, a new driver needs to be purchased and replaced.

Outdoor LED Solar Street Light

Outdoor LED Solar Street Light

2. The failure of dimming the brightness of the LED street lamp  

I believe that anyone who sees the lamp head of an LED street lamp knows that the lamp head is generally composed of lamp beads. The lamp beads are strings. If one of the lamp beads in this string is burnt, the other lamp beads in this string will not light up. If the entire string of lamp beads is burnt out, the entire lamp head will not light up.   

We can see the burnt lamp beads in appearance, and the dimmed brightness may also be caused by individual lamp beads being burned. Of course, if a lamp bead is burned on each string of lamp beads, it is necessary to consider whether it is a problem of capacitance or resistance.

3. The failure of LED street light flashing after turning off the light  

If the head of the LED street lamp is still blinking after the lamp is turned off, the first thing we have to consider is the problem of the line. There may be a problem with the zero lines of the switch. If this is the case, we must deal with it in time to avoid danger. If no problems are found after the circuit is checked, it is likely that the self-induced current generated by the LED street lamp itself. To solve this problem, we have to buy a 220V relay and connect the coil to the lamp in series to solve this problem.

Second, the daily maintenance of solar LED street lights

When the solar LED street lamp fails, how should the user unit carry out maintenance quickly?

1. Understanding and troubleshooting of solar LED street lights

We must first understand the problem of solar LED street lamp failure, whether it is not lighting, or the lighting time is short.

2. Solar LED street lamp failure judgment

The indicator light of the solar LED street light controller will show which component is damaged



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