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What should I pay attention to when choosing LED high bay light?

May. 27, 2019

What should I pay attention to when choosing LED mining lamp?

With the maturity of LED lamp technology, LED High Bay Light manufacturer is also more and more, industrial and mining lamp categories are also various, performance specifications are different, quality is also uneven. If you are not a professional, what are the important factors to consider when purchasing LED High Bay Light, so as to select the right LED industrial and mining lamps needed by you more quickly and conveniently?

1. Choose the right power

High power, large power consumption, low power, insufficient brightness, can not meet the lighting needs of the place, generally according to the installation height and lamp density and the use of the three dimensions to determine the power of procurement lamps and lanterns. Different places of use have different requirements for illumination, such as workshops, stadiums, libraries and other places with high requirements for illumination, such as warehouses, parking lots and other places with low requirements for illumination, so pay attention to the place of use when choosing lamps and lanterns. The height of additional installation space, with cloth lamp density, also be the place that chooses lamps and lanterns to need to notice.

2. Choose the right lighting Angle

Luminescent Angle and use place are closely bound up likewise, will tell commonly, installation space is tall, appropriate chooses small Angle lamps and lanterns, conversely, use bigger Angle lamps and lanterns.

3. Choose the right color temperature

As Modular Design LED High Bay Light are generally used in functional lighting, except for some special places, it is advisable to choose LED industrial and mining lamps with high color temperature. The color temperature is recommended to be around 5000K.

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4. Select the appropriate IP level

If it is an indoor place, the IP level of industrial and mining lamps can not be made special requirements, but if it is outdoors, or there is the possibility of rain, it needs to pay attention to the IP level of lamps, general IP65 can meet the requirements.

5. Choose the right finger

Color display indicator is an important parameter of light quality, like ordinary warehouse, parking lot and other workplaces, you can not pay attention to the indicator, but like the library, dyeing workshop, precision workshop and other places, it requires a higher indicator of mining lamps.

6. Be aware of glare

Glare is the main factor affecting the comfort of light environment, so special attention should be paid to glare protection when installing lamps in low space. In addition, special attention should be paid to glare protection in specific workplaces, such as indoor basketball court, indoor skating rink, badminton hall and other sports venues, as well as libraries, production workshops and other places.

7. Pay attention to the environment

In addition to the above points, it is also necessary to pay attention to the environmental conditions of the lamps, such as oil and gas sites, need to pay attention to the explosion-proof function, if dusty environment, need to pay attention to the dustproof function, steel plant and glass plant, need to pay attention to the high temperature resistance requirements, and near the seaside wet places, the lamp surface needs to have anti-salt fog treatment.


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