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LED tunnel lights in tunnel lighting application advantages

May. 23, 2019

LED tunnel lights in tunnel lighting application advantages

LED Tunnel Light Manufacturer shares that with the rapid development of our country road traffic construction, highway tunnel construction scale and quantity is becoming more and more big, the tunnel lighting also appeared problem to be solved such as energy saving, security, and so on, with the maturing of the LED light source technology, domestic also conducted the LED lighting industry in the study of the application of the highway tunnel lighting and application practice, is widely used in LED tunnel lighting field,

LED tunnel lamp is a kind of high luminous efficiency energy-saving lamps and lanterns, the use of light-emitting diode (LED) as the luminous source, compared with the traditional light source tunnel lamp, LED tunnel lamp has incomparable advantages, such as energy saving and environmental protection, high brightness, high color index, long life, small size and easy installation.

LED Tunnel Light Manufacturer

Traditional tunnel lighting are mostly using high pressure sodium lamp as light source, but high pressure sodium lamp in the form of radiation, color rendering, visual sensitive features, power, brightness control specifications have many deficiencies, and LED tunnel light with high efficiency and energy saving, green environmental protection, long life and other advantages, has become the choice of tunnel lighting, current tunnel construction projects mostly choose LED tunnel lights, old tunnel lights also basic it is choose LED tunnel light.

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