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Light Source Of LED Street Lamp

Feb. 17, 2019

LED Street Light is seen more and more on the road nowadays, the main reason is that it is green, low-carbon, environmental protection, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life. So now the upgrade of municipal road lamp will consider LED street lamp first. Now let the professional LED Street Light Factory to introduce to us the characteristics of the next LED street lamp.

1. Luminescence efficiency

With the development of science and technology, high-power LED light source can meet the needs of general street lamps. The light efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamp is 100LM/W. The commonly used high-power LED is 50-60LM/W. The higher the luminous efficiency, the better the energy-saving effect. This is also one of the most important indicators for selecting LED street lamp. However, the standard of LED does not specify this, so it must be carefully confirmed when purchasing LED street lights.

2, light decay

In order to reduce the manufacturing cost, some street lamp manufacturers only use hundreds of 0.5W low-power LED. However, the light attenuation of this low-power LED is very serious, and its lifetime of 80% is only 1000 hours. Therefore, as a street lamp that needs long-term use, it is absolutely not allowed to use this kind of low-power LED. When high-power LED is selected (generally refers to more than 30W), its light attenuation will be much better.

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