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Types And Advantages Of LED High Bay Lights

Dec. 13, 2018

According to the Ming function, the high bay light can be divided into general lighting and partial lighting.

General lighting is usually evenly placed above or on the side of the work site to illuminate the entire working surface. Generally, the illumination lamp has high requirements on the distribution of light, and two types of light distributions, direct illumination type and semi-direct illumination type, are widely used, especially the latter. Part of the semi-direct lighting type illuminates the ceiling, which increases the brightness of the ceiling and creates a more comfortable and brighter environment.

A partial illuminator is a luminaire that increases the illumination of a working part. Its function can be to strengthen and supplement the lighting on the basis of general lighting, or in some places that do not need lighting (such as equipment maintenance and maintenance places) as temporary lighting.

According to the light source, the mining lamp can be divided into a traditional light source mining lamp and an LED industrial light. Compared with traditional mining lamps, High Bay LED Lighting have great advantages:

1 LED High Bay Lights indicates high RA>70

2 LED industrial and mining lighting efficiency, more energy-saving, equivalent to 100W LED high bay light can replace the traditional 250W traditional mining lamp.

3 Traditional light sources have the disadvantage of high temperature of the lamps, and the lamps can reach temperatures of 200-300 degrees. The LED itself is a cold light source, and the lamp has a low temperature and is safer.

LED High Bay Lights


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