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How To Choose LED Parking Lot Light?

Dec. 04, 2019

We are a LED street light supplier. As one of the patent model enterprises and the first batch of Energy-saving Service Company in Zhejiang Province, we have registered more than sixty products.

LED Light

LED light 

LED light refers to a light that uses light-emitting diode as the light source. Generally, silver glue or white glue is used to solidify semiconductor LED on the bracket, then silver wire or gold wire is used to connect chip and circuit board, and epoxy resin is used to seal around, which plays the role of protecting internal core wire, and finally the shell is installed.

How to choose LED parking lot light

1. First of all, the induction LED lights in the underground parking lot are made to adapt to the characteristics of the garage. The underground parking lot LED lights must be combined with the control to give full play to the advantages of the LED light source. The power control module and the LED light source module should be connected by the way of connector, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. The shape of the lamp should be innovative, not the same as that of the traditional light source. The LED lamp should have an artistic shape. Because it is in a low brightness state for a long time, it generally does not need heat dissipation treatment, and it needs to reduce the consumption of materials, which is also a part of energy conservation.

LED Parking Lot Light

LED Parking Lot Light

2. The underground parking lot is an uninterrupted lighting place all the year round. Most of the time, there are no cars and no people. In this way, the electric energy is wasted and the light source loss rate is high. At present, the sensors used in parking lot lighting are basically divided into two types, one is infrared sensor, the price is relatively low, but the infrared sensor has a certain detection blind area due to the limitation of high floor, metal pipe and radiation angle. The other is microwave sensor, which can overcome the defect of detecting blind area of angle, but the price is a little higher. When someone has a car around the lights, the LED lights run at a full rate to meet the needs of lighting. When no one has a car, the lights are in a dormant state, maintaining a low power light of about 3W, maintaining the minimum illuminance required for safe lighting, and realizing lighting power saving. The power saving rate can reach more than 80%.

3. In the place where the underground parking lot is always dark, sometimes there will be accidents. If you don't use good LED lamps, there will be blind spots, and if you can't find the reasons, there will be very bad things. Therefore, although the price is slightly high, the value is here. I suggest that the best way to install microwave induction LED fluorescent lamps in the underground parking lot.


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