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How to Choose a Battery for Your Solar Street Light Project?

Aug. 20, 2020

Solar Street LightOutdoor solar street lamp battery equipment has a built-in type, pole type, and buried type.

The built-in lithium battery pack is integrated into the lamp body; if you choose an external pole installation type, it is best to install the device on a 6-meter-high solar street lamp. There should be no climbing objects next to the solar street lamp and pay attention to theft. If you choose the buried type, it is best to pay attention to theft prevention, waterproofing, the density of the poured cement floor, and replaceability.

The battery is an important part of the solar street light system and the main part of the cost of the solar street light system. Currently, solar street lights mainly use gel batteries and lithium batteries.

First, explain the concepts of the two:

Gel batteries belong to the development category of lead-acid batteries.  The method is to add a gelling agent to sulfuric acid to make the sulfuric acid e-liquid into a colloid.  Electro-hydraulic gel batteries are usually called gel batteries.

The lithium battery is a kind of battery with lithium metal or lithium alloy as a negative electrode material. It uses a non-aqueous electrolyte. Compared with commonly used colloidal batteries, the lithium battery is a more environmentally friendly, lighter, and longer life. Of course, the price of lithium batteries will be slightly higher.

Gel batteries and lithium batteries have their own characteristics, but in recent years, the Lithium Battery Solar Street Light system has developed better. What are the advantages?  Let us briefly compare the difference between the two:

1. Power supply method of solar street light:

The storage power of the lithium battery 12V 120AH is higher than the storage power of the gel battery 12V 120AH, the lithium battery can be completely released, and the lithium battery has a high cycle life, which is 3 to 5 times that of the gel battery.

2. The maintenance cost of solar street light

The service life of the gel battery is 2-3 years, and the service life of the lithium battery is 5-8 years, ensuring almost no maintenance cost.

3. Our solar street lights environmentally friendly?

The production of colloidal batteries has serious pollution and cannot be recycled, heavy metal pollution is serious, and batteries are not environmentally friendly;

Lithium batteries are environmentally friendly batteries. Lithium is a light element and harmless to the human body. Iron in the soil is everywhere.

4. The material cost of solar street light

The production technology of gel batteries is difficult and the cost is high; lithium-ion batteries are environmentally friendly, and the cost is slightly higher than that of gel batteries.  But overall, the cost of solar street lights with lithium batteries is more cost-effective.

5. The installation cost of solar led street light

Gel batteries are relatively bulky and generally need to be buried. They must be waterproof and anti-theft. The installation and labor costs are high, and the maintenance costs are also high. Lithium batteries are light in weight and high in energy density. They are generally integrated inside the lamp body or under the solar panels for installation. The battery does not require labor costs, and the maintenance is simple and convenient.

In contrast, we can see why more and more solar street lights are smaller than before because of the use of lithium batteries.  Lithium batteries are used in solar street light systems and have the advantages that ordinary gel solar street light batteries do not have:

1. The charging and discharging system of lithium batteries generally adopt the integrated structure of lithium battery and controller, which is a pollution-free energy storage battery system.

Second, according to user needs, it can intelligently optimize the calculation of remaining power, day and night operation, weather conditions, and other factors, and reasonably allocate power levels.  Light control, time control, and storage functions can ensure the intelligent setting of the solar street light system.

Third, because of the nature of dry batteries, lithium batteries are more stable and safer than gel batteries.

Fourth, the lithium battery is light, and the weight of the same capacity specification is about 1/6-1/5 of the lead-acid gel battery;

5. Lithium batteries are more adaptable to the environment. It can be used in a wide temperature range at -20℃-60℃. After technical treatment, it can even be used at -45℃, which also provides conditions  Use to promote solar street lights in cold areas.


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