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Advantages Of Solar Street Lamp

Nov. 20, 2019

We are a solar street light manufacturer, we are also the members of Illuminating Engineering Society and Semiconductor Industry Association in China.

Solar Street Light

Solar street light replaces the original sodium lamp, which is more convenient, more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly. With abundant solar energy resources and broad prospects for utilization, actively expanding solar energy utilization plays an important role in stabilizing growth, adjusting the structure and benefiting people's livelihood. It is of great strategic significance to protect national energy security, optimize energy structure and improve the atmospheric environment! Solar photovoltaic power generation system will account for 16% of global power generation in 2050, and a solar thermal power station will account for 11%. These two solar technologies can reduce more than 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2050.

Advantages of solar street lamp:

First, it is more energy-saving and its technical content is constantly improving:

In order to solve the problem of the short service life of the solar street lamp, better intelligent control technology, and more efficient photoelectric conversion efficiency are needed. Intelligent control technology improves the efficiency of electric energy use, and both play the role of battery protection. The short service life is mainly due to the improper protection and use of the battery, which is to control the deep charge and discharge of the battery. The second is to improve the luminous efficiency of the light source. The first way is to use more efficient luminous materials, but at present, the space for improving the energy efficiency of LED street lamps is very small. Then it is necessary to use the electric energy reasonably through the control equipment. Therefore, the controller is the key.

Solar Street Light

Second: intelligence and integration of Internet of things technology:

In the future, with the development of smart cities, more intelligent technologies will be integrated with street lights. Street lamps are installed in every street of the city. At present, most villages have also installed solar street lamps, which are excellent carriers of intelligent equipment. With the development of technology, the remote control and self check function of street lamp can be realized, and the traffic, security, cultural and entertainment equipment can be effectively added, and the Internet of things technology can be integrated, so that the street lamp can serve the society more efficiently.

Third, to integrate more elements with cultural characteristics:

Street lamp customization is a major feature of the industry, but at present, solar street lamp homogenization is serious. In response to the base price bidding, solar street lamps are generally simple in shape, and street lamps with a sense of design are copied from each other. We can design solar street lamps with national and cultural characteristics in combination with local characteristics. These solar street lamps with national characteristics form a good match with the local landscape, architecture and national clothing, and integrate with the environment in a very harmonious way, showing the national characteristics and playing a good lighting effect.

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