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[Solar Street Light For Sale China]Why don't solar street lamps work?

May. 15, 2019

Why don't solar street lamps work?

Does the solar LED street lamp you purchased have such obstacles? Solar LED street lamp when light when the dawn, when the light is not on, could be that controls quality closes nevertheless, when the unsaturated condition of battery, the battery voltage drop, step-down regulated power supply, the voltage value of load was cut, cut open after the battery voltage has a recovery in the process, when has yet to recover to a point B, because there is no good point B value of the control device controls, when there is no return to this point, line and cohesion to the stated, starting when labor load, the voltage is still put some light, to be cut out again, and so on.

solar LED street lamp

According to the Solar Street Light Supplier China analysis is the most likely problem there are a few points, the solution to this problem, solar LED street lights usually appear focus is as follows by the rest of the company, focus by eight reasons.

Please check if the battery connection is accurate and reliable. For overvoltage system, please check if the battery connection is reliable or the battery voltage is too high.

If the load power exceeds the rated power, drop the power of the electrical equipment, and the long button at the beginning and end is restored.

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