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How long can LED solar street lamps last?

Aug. 16, 2019

How long can LED solar street lamps last?

It is known to all that LED solar street lamps have relatively high installation costs and product costs. In addition, LED solar street lamps are high-tech products, so many people worry that their service life will be relatively short. After considering this, many enterprises will give up using such street lamps and still adopt traditional street lamps.

Actually people concern is redundant, because the use fixed number of year of LED solar street light panels for 25 years, it is more long than traditional street lamps will use fixed number of year, in addition, high-tech products with its many advantages, it does not require other power as a support, it only requires its own panels convert heat into electricity, so as to supply their own use. In this way, a lot of expenses will be saved. In addition, the installation cost will be cheaper, and the maintenance will not be needed in the later stage. Therefore, the overall cost of the Modular LED Road Light is much lower than that of traditional street lamps.

In addition it is important to note that the application of solar energy is more and more attention by people, it will not only save a lot of living expenses, and belongs to the new energy, will not produce a large amount of waste, won't cause harm to the environment, and energy use belongs to use for a long time, on average, the solar energy is one of the best energy in the modern society, in the future society will be of utmost used by people, and bring to people's life more convenient.

LED solar street lamps

LED Solar Street Lamp

LED solar street lamps are more widely used:

Materials are gradually satisfied, and many people begin to pursue a high-quality life, so they begin to have higher and higher requirements on the surrounding environment. The new energy with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection has been pursued by us, and Modular LED Street Lights has entered thousands of households as a new energy.

Nowadays, LED solar street lamps are widely used in most scenarios, such as schools, hospitals, squares, parks, factories, communities, roads, etc., all of which are suitable for the use of solar street lamps.

LED solar street lamps use photovoltaic power. As the use of low voltage, effectively avoid the harm of electric shock to us, so that our personal safety is strongly guaranteed; As a new energy to avoid the waste of resources, the current use of energy tension has been somewhat alleviated, let us save a little energy for the country, make a modest contribution.

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