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Environmental Requirements For Installation Of Solar Street Lamps In Rural Areas

May. 13, 2020

Now advocate environmental protection, so everyone to save water and electricity, to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction as far as possible, but is still very need lighting in public places, and it will be a big part of the power consumption, in order to reduce the consumption, most people now use the Solar energy Street lamp lighting, rural also adopt the mode of this kind of lighting, so that can save a lot of money, so now is widely used, so the rural Solar Street lights, Solar street light installation environment requirement? What should I pay attention to? 

1. Environmental requirements for the installation of outdoor all in one solar street light

1. According to the direction of the road and the position of the light source, select the light source orientation to meet the irradiation area of the road surface.

2. The solar street lamp shall be installed in a place with sufficient light and no shielding, and the solar cell module shall face due south, so as to ensure that there is no shade of any shade on the surface of the solar cell module.

3. When it is impossible to meet the requirement of no shade all day, no shade shall be provided between 9:30 and 15:30 in the morning.

4. Solar lamps should avoid being close to a heat source as far as possible, so as not to affect the service life of lamps and lanterns.

5, the ambient temperature is generally -20~60 degrees, the cold environment, should appropriately increase the capacity of the battery.

6. The solar panel above the solar lamp shall not have a direct light source, so as to avoid the improper operation caused by the lamp control system's misidentification during the day.

7, pay attention to the use of the environment is not too wet, wet environment is more likely to affect the life of the solar lamp, will cause corrosion or damage to the battery, thus affecting the normal use.

8. For the installation of solar street lamps in rural areas, please pay attention to the terrain of the installation site to see if solar street lamps can be installed. Please try your best to avoid some places that are prone to collapse or collapse, so as to ensure the normal installation.

Two, the installation of rural solar street lights matters needing attention

1. Pay attention to the distance of installation and the height of the lamp pole

In the night environment, the pedestrian crossing and traffic flow of rural roads are not large, and the one-way interactive light distribution method is generally adopted to ensure that the installation interval is about 20×25 meters, less than 20 meters will affect the part of the lighting. In addition, still should install a street lamp on the corner more, in order to avoid the phenomenon that appears blind Angle illume. If you want to install a street lamp with a height of 8 meters, you must ensure that the distance between the street lamps is 25 meters and 30 meters. The distance between the two street lamps should be installed through the cross-light distribution on both sides. This method is mainly used when the road lighting width is 10×15 meters. The installation distance between the solar lamp and the 12m lamp-post shall be 12m lamp-post road. In general, it is recommended that the longitudinal distance of solar street lamps should be 30m/50m, which should be symmetrically distributed on both sides, and the width of road lighting should be greater than 15m.

Outdoor All In One Solar Street Light

Outdoor All In One Solar Street Light

2. Pay attention to the way of light distribution

The light distribution method of rural solar street lamps is generally divided into single sidelight distribution, two side cross light distribution, symmetrical light distribution on both sides, such as crossroads, curves, and other special roads, according to the actual situation, can be appropriately arranged. If the distance of solar street lamp installation is not reasonable, it is easy to cause a waste of resources and the investment cost is relatively large. According to the above installation requirements, it can greatly ensure the road lighting requirements, also will not cause a waste of resources. Of course, there are many kinds of solar street lamps and many configuration schemes.

3. Pay attention to the installation location of solar street lamps

The location of the installation must be fully illuminated all day without any shade. Also, be sure to install away from trees, tall buildings and other obstacles will block the sun; There should be no direct light source above the solar panel, otherwise, the street lamp system will not work properly.

The solar lamp must be away from the heat source, otherwise, the battery life will be greatly shortened; The lamp post foundation shall be cast in a sufficiently solid layer of clay. If the installation site is sand, permafrost, and another atypical soil layer. Solar panels must face south, to ensure that the installation of the south direction without shielding.

Solar street light manufacturer reminds you that solar street lamps should be used in an environment with the right Light source and that it is important to pay attention to the location and location of the installation, as well as the temperature and humidity of the environment, which should be avoided.


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